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I'm not dead...

It's been such a long time since I posted something on my lj...
I've been really busy with my exams coming in 2 weeks and some other things happening with my life...
Well, I changed my layout, something new is always good!!!! *smile*
I'm thinking of writing again but it will probably be after my exams, so a little bit more of patience please... *puppy look*
I searched for some Kirk materials and I found some "Black Donnellys" videos so enjoy!!!!!!!
Poor Nicky!
Funny one!
And to finish, I found the episode 2 of "The Black Donnellys"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Another little vid!

I have nothing to say except: Why does Kirk look so young???? It's probably the shirt.

Well, it's on the same page, when you click on the 103 commentary, but I've got some problems with that site, it doesn't work with me... GRRRRR
Luckily I saw it yesterday!!!


I'm so obsessed with this guy...

I've found 2 interviews with Kirk!!!
One is a video and the other one is an article. And since I'm a very nice girl...*cough* lol, well I thought I could share them with you!!!! *smile*
Kirk is talking about his role in 'The Black Donnellys'!!
I find him very cute on this one, but I find he's talking weird at the beginning, well it's probably due to the fact that for once he's not muttering under his breath... lol
It's a change!!!!
And "yeah, GO Kirk, you're so great in the role of the bad guy!!!!"
Here is the article!!!
Did you see, did you see?????? He's not satisfied with the end of his character in OZ...
Who agrees with him?????? ME ME ME LOL


I had found the pilot on Youtube a while ago, but it was deleted since then...
But since I try to stay updated with anything regarding my favorites boys, guess what, I've found the episode again Here!
He's simply still very attractive in bad guy, don't you think? And when he winks and smiles at a moment, well I was simply smiling like an idiot myself... lol
Anyway, enjoy the sexiness!!!! ;)

God, he's so yummy on this one...


Band of Brothers episodes with Kirk!

I watched them a while ago and I thought maybe you'd be interested in watching them too...
Well, he hasn't a very big part in it, but Kirk in military suit is just yummy!!! *smile*
Anyway enjoy!

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I feel like crap these days...

Well, being sick today didn't help, all day in bed and it was like I couldn't stop sleeping. Do you know that feeling???
Well, I'm not feeling very inspired these days. My muses can't be gone right????
I feel like all M/R fans have disappeared somewhere and I'm all alone.
Where are you damn it???
Well, don't mind my ramblings, it's probably due to my bad mood, but it's hard.
The communities and the groups are dead and the only fics that come out are B/K fics, so unfair...
Well, I don't know what to do, to find my inspiration again... Maybe watching OZ episodes would help... Well, I hope...

Valentine's Day special fic!

I totally am in the Valentine's mood *pointing at my new layout*
I had really fun writing that fic and I hope you'll share my good mood when you'll done reading it...

Title: The more you feel, the more it’s real, isn’t it...
Author: Chloé
Rating: No need to say, it's rated NC-17, well Valentine's Day without sex isn't really Valentine's Day, right??? *smile*
Pairing: Miguel/Ryan
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, blah blah blah
Author's note: Enjoy and let me know what you thought of it... ;)

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Just a few words...

... to tell you that I finished my special Valentine's day fic. All I need to do now, is to write it down on my computer. Yeah, I wrote it the old way, paper and pencil...
Well, I'll post it tomorrow, wednesday, probably around noon on my clock.
Stay tuned!!!!!


Well, I've got only one thing to say: Kirk Acevedo is very well proportioned... *blushing*
Go here if you want to know what I'm talking about
When I was watching the show for the first time, I was waiting impatiently to see a little bit more of Kirk, such a perv right??? And when I saw that, I jumped out of my seat, probably drooling though... lol
Anyway, I simply love Kirk's body!!!
Another thing, for those who want to watch other clips with Miguel, search for 'Miguel Alvarez' on Youtube, there are some great ones...


Fic: OZ Revisited Chapter 16

This chapter is the result of a dream I made for a little while now. It was in my head, but I've been busy and I wasn't able to write it sooner.
Well, I tried to make it as close as it was in my dream and I think I don't need to mention that it's rated NC-17... *evil grin*

Chapter 16Collapse )